Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kinect Vs. Move

Whether you like it or not, motion gaming is the next big thing in video games. Both Microsoft and Sony spent large sums of money developing these devices, but which one is better? Im going to keep this short and simple, so the answer is Kinect and here's why. Sony took the safe route and basically copied the Wii. There's nothing revolutionary about it, and it's the same thing that we've seen for the past 6 years. Kinect is new, and it opens the door for new ideas. I can see the Kinect as being an extension of the controller in many new games such as Forza 4, Ghost Recon, and Mass Effect 3. Im sure most of you have seen the E3 press conference where kinect can control your view and Forza, give commands in Mass Effect, and control the gun customization menu in Ghost Recon. I think Microsoft has only scratched the surface with what they can do with Kinect, so i look forward to seeing how developers use the technology in the future.


  1. I agree, kinect was a risky move for MS, but it's such cooler technology. i'm stoked they are supporting it on pc now too

  2. Yes, kinect is better but i'm more interested in the PS3 bundle with the TV and 3D glasses. Maybe it will be cheap on the Christmas Sale.